This piece was inspired by the traditions and the people that make Asia unique. The female Asian beauty has always been particularly fascinating to me – the flattened bridge, almond-shaped eyes, and the round bulbous nose are synonymous with the Asian face. The personification of Asia in this piece was a reaction to that sentiment; Asia is beautiful in her own unique way.

Asia stands above forested mountains. Contrary to the cityscapes of modern Asia, they represent the timelessness of Asia. It is also for this reason that they are painted in a more traditional style compared to the rest of the painting. Asia is painted as being bathed in the lights of floating lanterns. The floating lantern is a recurring tradition in many Asian cultures. Though they can symbolize a multitude of things, their use over a broad spectrum of Asian cultures makes them unique to not just one Asian culture, but to Asia in general. It is these traditions that make Asia what it is.


A woman – Asia – rises above forested mountains. Like the sun at dawn, she brings with her new beginnings and hope. A multitude of lanterns float in the early morning sky, glowing bright. Their lights, cocooned in rich traditions, bathe Asia in their glow.


Bird Park

A few months back we went to the bird park here in Singapore. I must say it was quite an experience. It is a great place to be if you want to learn a little more about birds. You even get to see them up close and personal like these beauties.

There is a feeding area for these lovely creatures and they will surely come near you if you have some nectar. For $2 you can get a flock of them flying towards you. I must warn you some of them likes to climb on people’s shoulder or head.

Here are a few more photos of birds you can see up close in the park.

There are also these adorable owls. Please be advised not to take flash photography in this area. I saw a bunch of people doing so despite the instructions. Noise and bright lights startle them and cause them to panic.

Would you really want to shock these cute owls?


There were also eagles, vultures, ducks and flamingos though most of them you can’t pet but you can see them in shows and in wide areas where you can photograph.

There are more types of birds in the park but we weren’t able to take photos of them plus it is better to see them for yourself! We don’t really want to spoil all the fun.


Kate Beaton Teaches You How to Draw the Fat Pony


“It’s been called fat pony, it’s been called Shetland pony, it’s got a lot of different names,” said cartoonist Kate Beaton of her beloved equestrian character.

Beaton, the creator of Hark! A Vagrant!, says she first started drawing the pony in 2008. Since then, it’s been featured on Adventure Time and is now a main character in her new children’s book, The Princess and the Pony.

She was inspired by a class trip to the Shetland Islands. “It was like a dream,” Beaton said. “They’re so small! Everything there is small. Their sheep are smaller. It’s a place after my own heart.”

In the video above, Beaton teaches you how to draw her signature pony in a few simple steps.

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A little more about Coron, Palawan

Busuanga is the name of the municipality in Coron. They say they are famous for their Cashew nuts. I have to agree they are deli-sh. The souvenir shop was closed during the time we wanted to buy so we headed to the market.

coron-1-47 coron-1-48 coron-1-49 coron-1-50 coron-1-51 coron-1-53

While walking towards the market we noticed that some houses were actually on water.

coron-1-45 coron-1-46

After a long day we were able to walk around the town. There were barely any lights so it was a great time to take photos of the starts. We were able to get a glimpse of the Milky way and we did a little bit of light painting as we watched motorcycles pass by.

coron-1-18 coron-1-23 coron-1-41 coron-1-42 coron-1-43 coron-1-44

And these are some of the remaining pictures I have from the trip to the islands. When it was around 5pm there would be low tide. You get a closer glimpse to see the live corals. Please take note that if ever you do visit, please do not take any corals or do not try to kill them. They are trying to preserve the beauty of the place and that includes the coral reefs.

coron-1-57 coron-1-58 coron-1-59

That’s a wrap! Back to illustrating and animating. Check out my upcoming illustrations! I’ll be posting some of my comic strips soon and some of my motion graphic works.

A trip to Coron

We had a blast last June when we went to the Philippines. We visited the island Palawan more specifically in Coron. It was such an awesome experience!

Flying in a propeller plane was like touching the clouds. It doesn’t fly too high above the sky so all through out the flight you can see the islands and the crystal blue waters. As you land you get to see the vast greenery. Coming from the city it is such a view—-who would have thought that such place still existed. Not a building in site instead there are small little huts and adorable houses.

On the first day we went up 724 steps up Mt. Tapyas.

coron-1-17 coron-1-11

The view was just breath taking. Going up was tiring but it was worth it like the saying said, “no pain no gain”.



We took a photo of the small town of Busuanga, Palawan.


Here are more images of the view from Mt.Tapyas

_DSC8919 _DSC8923

On our second day in Coron we went island hoping. Learning a bit of the history of the island and seeing first hand the beautifully preserves islands. There were quite a bit of climbing stairs and going through small paths. Everyone would really get a touch of nature.

coron-1-28 coron-1-29 _DSC9038

After the climb it was so nice to swim in the cool water. The water was clear that you can see the corals and the fishes.

_DSC9061 _DSC9007 _DSC9005

Here are more photos of our adventure!

_DSC9021 _DSC9114 coron-1-30 _DSC9049

I’ll be posting more about our trip tomorrow.

A Sweet Embrace

I remember a friend of mine who love to have a hug. I am very fond of that concept because  I’m not a very affectionate person. One day I asked her, “Why do you like hugging people?” she replied me, “Sometimes a hug is all you really need, to take your troubles away” she further explained how a small little gesture can bring such warmth to a person especially after having a long day.

It dawned on me why she was one of my closest friends—-because when I’m feeling helpless and scared and never had the courage to say a word she would give me a hug and sit with me till I felt better.

Words give us comfort but a sweet embrace gives us support.

Here is an illustration I did with that thought.


This design is currently being featured in Mister Dress Up at Montreal Canada,  it is available as t-shirts at

Nellamae-Antopina-w Nellamae-Antopina-m

See How the Oscars Are Honoring Harry Potter


Plenty of Oscar winners and nominees starred in the Harry Potter franchise, and it was nominated for 12 Academy Awards over the span of its eight-film series. But it won none, leading some to call it the “most-snubbed-top-grossing franchise of all time.”

But The Academy, or at least whoever runs, has launched a new section of its Collection Highlights dedicated to The Boy Who Lived. Fans will find 27 pieces of Potter content, including casting and directing rumors, photos from the set and more. There’s newspaper clippings (but they don’t move like the Wizarding World’s Daily Prophet) highlighting some of the biggest media storms surrounding the films. For example, Steven Spielberg was long-rumored to spearhead the first film in the series and many speculated that an American actor could have been cast as Harry. And superfans might be surprised to learn that in June 2000, Tim Roth…

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