Spontaneous Bali

You know those scenes you think only happens in the movies? Well this was probably mine. One night my best friend messaged me, “I want to go away, I need a break”. I immediately said okay. We booked our tickets, packed our bags and left.

We stayed at a private villa with the courtesy of my dear friend. It was a lovely place to be despite it being quite far from the city. We enjoyed our privacy so we pretty much loved the place. It was a 3 bedroom house with a quaint kitchen and dinning area. There is also a private pool which they will clean for you immediately so you can just dive right in when you arrive.

Here are a couple of photos



After settling in, we walked around Kuta to have brunch. It was quite crowded but if you want to buy cheap swim wears and beach wears it is the place to be. The streets are filled with stores from Billabong, Roxy, and exquisitely designed clothes by local brands.

Seafood stores were everywhere, though I can’t seem to remember the restaurant we hopped in but this was basically brunch. We had a platter of seafood which was I  must say was extremely good. You can taste the freshness of everything as if everything was just caught from the ocean and cooked.


For dinner we went to Rock Bar by Ayana Resort, located in Jimbaran, if you enjoy the clashing sounds of the waves against the rocks along with the freshness of the air coming from the sea this is the place to be. You will also probably enjoy the breath taking scenery of this place which brings me to the whole ambiance of this restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. When I stepped there the first thing I said was literally, “WOW”. While waiting for our table we were seated at a corner where we get to enjoy the view of the ocean and beneath us you can see the waves crashing to the rocks and you would expect it to be warm but it wasn’t, it was pretty much breezy actually.





The next day we went to Ubud. Ubud is about 2hours drive from our place but I have no complaints because it was worth the drive. Though Bali is known for their beaches and parties this place is the complete opposite of that. If you want to relax and chill and just breathe in nature you would appreciate this place. There are a couple of waterfalls in this area but sadly most of them we couldn’t visit because it was raining but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the other places. We went to Bali Pulina  – Coffee Plantation, for coffee addicts like me this is heaven for us. When you enter the place they’ll tour you how they make coffees and teas. Here is a photo of what the place looks like,



After the short tour (approximately 10mins) we get to sit down and enjoy the rice plantation and enjoy the taste of their selection of coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks, did I mention it is FREE? You have no obligation to buy afterwards. You can also stay as long as long as you want and enjoy the scenic view. I also tried their Luwak coffee, since this is said to be one of Indonesia’s best coffee—Kopi Luwak. It is made from cat poo. Just kidding! This certain breed of Cat which is called Asian Palm Civet eats the coffee beans and digests it and releases it back to nature. Some of you would probably think it is gross but it isn’t, the beans are picked up, roasted and grounded. If I were to describe the taste, it is quite bitter for those who has a sweet tooth but not that bitter for those who drink black coffee a lot (like me!).


Going back to Luwak coffee, you have to try it! It isn’t disgusting, no it doesn’t taste like poo nor does it smell like one. I would say the difference between this coffee and a regular coffee is probably this has less acid taste at the end and unlike most black coffee which gives you a little bit of a palpitating heart this doesn’t. It cost about $4 a cup there and if you want to buy packs of it, it is about $25+ which is not bad actually considering if you buy it in other countries a cup can cost about $20, if you think about it, its so worth it to give it a try there.

While in Ubud we also visited the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces.  The place is a little crowded but there are nice cafe’s and restaurants around where you can take photos and enjoy the view while you dine. Taking a photo would be a little be hard because of the landscape and the amount of crowd but it is still a site to see.

After our visit we went to Tirta Empul Temple also called “holy water spring”. We got to see and observe how the pilgrims and the devotees pray. Sadly we weren’t able to try the purification bathing ritual but we did get to observe it. The ruins and the whole architecture itself is wonderful, so many stories lies within those stones, it explains why it is one of the national cultural heritage site. If you really want to learn about the Balinese culture this is one of the places to visit there.



For lunch we went to Bebek Joni, where we tried the very famous traditional Balinese deep fried duck called Bebek Bengil. Duck isn’t exactly something I enjoy eating but when I tried this well it changed my mind. It is crispy and tender, flavourful but not too much that you’ll probably get sick of it. The saltiness is just right and you would think that because it is fried it would be extremely oily—it is not. We absolutely loved it.


I’ll continue our journey to Bali in another post.


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