This piece was inspired by the traditions and the people that make Asia unique. The female Asian beauty has always been particularly fascinating to me – the flattened bridge, almond-shaped eyes, and the round bulbous nose are synonymous with the Asian face. The personification of Asia in this piece was a reaction to that sentiment; Asia is beautiful in her own unique way.

Asia stands above forested mountains. Contrary to the cityscapes of modern Asia, they represent the timelessness of Asia. It is also for this reason that they are painted in a more traditional style compared to the rest of the painting. Asia is painted as being bathed in the lights of floating lanterns. The floating lantern is a recurring tradition in many Asian cultures. Though they can symbolize a multitude of things, their use over a broad spectrum of Asian cultures makes them unique to not just one Asian culture, but to Asia in general. It is these traditions that make Asia what it is.


A woman – Asia – rises above forested mountains. Like the sun at dawn, she brings with her new beginnings and hope. A multitude of lanterns float in the early morning sky, glowing bright. Their lights, cocooned in rich traditions, bathe Asia in their glow.



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