A little more about Coron, Palawan

Busuanga is the name of the municipality in Coron. They say they are famous for their Cashew nuts. I have to agree they are deli-sh. The souvenir shop was closed during the time we wanted to buy so we headed to the market.

coron-1-47 coron-1-48 coron-1-49 coron-1-50 coron-1-51 coron-1-53

While walking towards the market we noticed that some houses were actually on water.

coron-1-45 coron-1-46

After a long day we were able to walk around the town. There were barely any lights so it was a great time to take photos of the starts. We were able to get a glimpse of the Milky way and we did a little bit of light painting as we watched motorcycles pass by.

coron-1-18 coron-1-23 coron-1-41 coron-1-42 coron-1-43 coron-1-44

And these are some of the remaining pictures I have from the trip to the islands. When it was around 5pm there would be low tide. You get a closer glimpse to see the live corals. Please take note that if ever you do visit, please do not take any corals or do not try to kill them. They are trying to preserve the beauty of the place and that includes the coral reefs.

coron-1-57 coron-1-58 coron-1-59

That’s a wrap! Back to illustrating and animating. Check out my upcoming illustrations! I’ll be posting some of my comic strips soon and some of my motion graphic works.


3 thoughts on “A little more about Coron, Palawan

  1. ayelouise says:

    Coron looks stunning and your photos are awesome.. especially the glimpse of milkway. What settings do you usually use when shooting the night sky? Thanks!

    • ne11amae says:

      I lowered the ISO rating and increased the apeture whilst increasing the shutter time to 30 seconds so as to get the clearest possible photo. Also trial and error! Trying to find the best possible spot. Hope you get to take one as well 🙂

      • ayelouise says:

        Thanks! Will try to shoot at Coron too! 🙂 Sometimes I try to set the ISO to 3200 and above, it appears grainy. But yep, practice it is! 🙂

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