A Sweet Embrace

I remember a friend of mine who love to have a hug. I am very fond of that concept because  I’m not a very affectionate person. One day I asked her, “Why do you like hugging people?” she replied me, “Sometimes a hug is all you really need, to take your troubles away” she further explained how a small little gesture can bring such warmth to a person especially after having a long day.

It dawned on me why she was one of my closest friends—-because when I’m feeling helpless and scared and never had the courage to say a word she would give me a hug and sit with me till I felt better.

Words give us comfort but a sweet embrace gives us support.

Here is an illustration I did with that thought.


This design is currently being featured in Mister Dress Up at Montreal Canada,  it is available as t-shirts at   http://www.misterdressup.com/products/nellamae-antopina

Nellamae-Antopina-w Nellamae-Antopina-m


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