Living in a busy city made me realize that you don’t have to be so blue in the morning. Given that you start your day with something that you like to do, it will help perk you up.

For me, I like reading a magazine or a book. I read a page or a chapter while I have a cup of coffee. If I do have some time I draw. Time is important I get it—a lot of people say they don’t have enough time to do such things, my usual answer to that is; we have so much time but because we are so stressed and so caught up with all the work we forget to make time for ourselves. What is five minutes of your day? What is waking up 5 minutes earlier just to sit down and relax. Take a breather before you start your day. You would be amaze how that 5 minutes can change your whole day.

—-Just some thoughts.

For those who are interested, the magazine on the photo is called Flow Magazine, it is a pretty cool magazine if you enjoy art and illustrations. They also teach you some techniques on various artsy stuff. Like for this edition it’s calligraphy writing. They also have awesome stories of artists and journalists.




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