365 Days of Expression

This year my New Year’s resolution is to draw something every day – it could be a painting, animation, drawing, sketch, commission, anything really. I call it 365 days of expression because it would be my outlet every time I am stressed-out. I have always found drawing or painting to be stress relieving and I would like to start this project to help myself cope with the everyday stresses and frustrations that I encounter. I’m the type of person who isn’t so expressive. As a person who studied animation, we had to take an acting class. For a person who have very little reaction towards anything it was hard. To be able to actually let go and let loose is a challenge for me, making it difficult not to be frustrated in small little things. This year I hope that I could express myself through my art works since I can’t express myself out loud in person.

Cheers to a NEW YEAR!

Here is my first piece.

DAY 1- sluggish


you can check this piece out on instagram #365daysofexpression