A note

A spectrum
of colors.
A soft beam
of light.
Little specs
of refracting

Are what
I see.

When I’m
with YOU



Piles of
broken bricks
& ashes
our bridges
were burnt
faster than
it was built.

Leaving us
with words
that were
never said
what was left
was an


How to get over a break up in Bali

You know one of those scenes from movies where the characters just pack their bags and go? That’s basically what happened. I pretty much booked a ticket and left. No thinking involved whatsoever. My best friend and I subsequently got our hearts broken but little did we know it would be the start of an adventure. 

So, here is a guide on how to get over a break up in Bali. From having no itinerary, to failed parties, to being broke and losing credit cards here is a little survival guide.

Our trip started with the words, “Let’s go to Bali”. With a little help from my friend we borrowed their family Villa we couldn’t be more grateful.

Here is a photo of my best friend, Hersh. Chilling by the pool as soon as we got to the place.


TIP #1 Buy Snacks!
You would think you wouldn’t need them but trust me it will come in handy later. You never know when you will be hungry and let’s face it hunger makes us grumpy and sad. There is a convenience store somewhere or a grocery store go there and buy.

TIP #2 Get lost somewhere and eat.
After our flight we went straight to town and walked around to shop and eat. You’ll be surprised with what you can find with just walking around rather than checking your phone to look for photogenic places to eat at. We found this quaint restaurant which sold fresh seafood and well for brunch we couldn’t be happier! WALK, you’ll find one.

Note to everyone, there is nothing wrong with eating a lot when you are sad. GO AND EAT! No one would care if you gained pounds. EAT NOW, EXERCISE LATER.


There are a lot of places you can find whilst walking, take for example local boutiques, outlet stores and small temples. The place we went to is called Kuta. It’s a pretty nice spot to surf and party at night.

The next tip is more on a break up tip..

TIP#3 Treat yourself
GO OUT and treat yourself something you deserve. It can be anything really, something you would enjoy.

For us we went to this place called Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and watched the sunset by the bar.


We waited for our table by the cliff side. Under us you can see the waves crash to the rocks as we sip on our beers and cocktails. Our table was situated overlooking the live band and near the bar, too bad we didn’t have photos. (Quick tip: you can have this same reservation requested free of charge BUT through advanced booking)

Sub tip for TIP#3
If you are craving for something romantic like what we did, GO FOR IT. It scared us at first that you know it might feel sad that we are both single and we should be enjoying this with someone but to our surprise it wasn’t sad at all.

You deserve something nice, focus on that.

TIP#4 Try what you love in another country
We all have things that we love, so why not try it out in the country you’re visiting? Meet people, enjoy, talk, I love coffee and I make it a habit that wherever I go, I try their coffee. As for my friend Hersh she likes to surf and that’s what she did.

We tried the very famous Luwak coffee at Luwak Coffee Farm at Ubud. Along with the Luwak coffee were 8 different types of coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. Did I mention these 8 drinks were free? You get to sip and enjoy the view of the beautiful rice field which brings me to

Tip#5 You Don’t need to spend so much when you travel
There are a lot of good places to go to that do not cost much. We ate at places that not many tourists go to hence saving a lot of money. It also helps that you have a local with you to bring you to places known to a few. We went to temples, waterfalls which cost like 2USD or less for entrance fee and ate at local places where meals were less than 10 bucks (btw the food still tasted awesome!)

Tip#6 Keep extra cash aside before the trip
Our trip was so spontaneous that we barely had cash and one of us forgot to activate our cards for overseas use. (Okay, I lost my card due to a drunken incident) When this happens DO NOT PANIC. Revert to Tip#5 and #1, We still enjoyed our trip despite having little cash on us. We used our spare. Hence, spares are essential! Don’t use them unless necessary! Hence tip #1 is important. In case of emergency, you guys still have spare food.


Tip#7 Sit back and enjoy
What made this trip fun was we didn’t expect anything at all. We did what we wanted to do and didn’t care. We ate what we wanted to eat, screw diets, screw places we have to go to and try. There is nothing wrong with going to another country and not going to usual places people go to.

Tip#8 Forget about Tinder
If you guys are trying to look for a hook up to get over your ex, forget about it. You’ll most likely fail. Let’s face it. You are probably not ready yet to get back in the market and that is okkkaaay plus you’ll probably be too drunk to give an effort. (well that was what happened to us)

Tip#9 Appreciate what you have

Honestly, what made the break up easier was we learned to appreciate what we have and enjoy the moment. Before this trip Hersh and I barely talked to each other because of our busy schedules and only during this trip did we realize that we had a lot to catch up on.

We ended our trip toasting to new beginnings.


If you guys want to know more about the places we went to hit me up 🙂 Also, here are more photos of our trip